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Executive Privacy Management

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Long Term Strategy

Our deep understanding of data dissemination and leakage, coupled with our open-source intelligence expertise and network of attorneys provides you with long term privacy with real-world validation. Our techniques tailored to your unique requirements are updated continuously. They may include:

  • Realtime monitoring
  • Data Expunction
  • Creating conditional alerts
  • Monitoring negative articles        
  • Altering Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Utilizing personal FOIA requests
  • Downloading & analyzing online data requests
  • Anonymizing Utilities
  • Anonymizing recurring patments
  • Minimizing device leakage
  • Incorporating long term disinformation tactics
  • Monitoring social media activity for information leaks
  • Data injection and disinformation campaigns 

The freedom of privacy extends beyond the digital world, as many institutions still require your personal information to conduct business, manage accounts, make purchases, travel and communicate. Our Executive Privacy Management plans provide the expertise, strategy and implementation to secure your entire infrastructure including but not limited to:

  • Anonymizing Assets
  • Anonymizing Vehicles
  • Secure Addresses
  • Secure Communication Plan
  • Anonymizing Utilities
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Secure Purchasing

Our experience coupled with our network of attorneys provides unabated access to the leverage only a proactive privacy plan can deliver.

(Disclaimer: Decisive Resources is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. We work closely with a network of attorneys to provide our clients with all the trusted privacy resources they may need.)

Privacy Assessment



Decisive Strategy

Before taking control of your personal information, you must know what information about you is accessible. For this reason, one of our highly skilled experts will conduct a full open-source assessment to discover what information is readily available about you. Information may include but certainly not limited to:

  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Emails
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Retail Accounts
  • Passwords / Logins
  • Business
  • Salary/Wages
  • Where your kids go to school
  • Negative News Reports
  • Assets
  • Vehicle Information
  • Images
  • Articles/News
  • Reviews

The Human Touch

No algorithms, no automated tools, no bots. Assessments are conducted by highly trained humans to ensure you are provided with the full picture of your digital self. Your assessment is strictly confidential and is only shared with you. No database, no storing, no sharing, even within the company. Our model is designed with full compartmentalization. With this information you can be confident in the direction to take with your first step on the journey to securing your freedom.

Data Expunction

Creating the New Digital You


Remove and conceal your personal information from companies, aggregators, data bases and people that shouldn’t have it. After a full assessment, a discreet privacy consultant will reach out to begin the planning and expunction process. Decisive Resources is a relationship business, your consultant will work closely with you to ensure the expunction achieves your privacy goals. This service includes the removal from hundreds of sites, news outlets, company databases, comments, posts and reviews. We understand the importance of maintaining your digital presence on networks and platforms, our expunction process is tailored to your preferences, allowing you to thrive online in complete control of who and what is allowed access your information.

Corporate Consulting Solutions

From information to intelligence


While security systems, access control, firewalls, and employee handbooks have their place in securing a company’s information, individual privacy is often times the overlooked access point into a companies infrastructure. As former counter-intelligence specialist, certified ethical-hackers and accomplished CISO’s we have the experience to provide a custom strategy to securing your companies most valuable information.


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